So you’ve come up with a concept for your first game. You believe in its potential, and many others do as well. Even while a small portion of your mind believes your game will fail, another part of your mind is confident it will turn out to be a great one. If you are making these mistakes being a rookie or a senior game developer, then it’s time for you to get over these common mistakes. Which sometimes are made without any realization by the experienced game developer and which are unknown to the rookie. Once you decide to design and develop the game for any platform, one should figure out the right approach and also create a clear road map for the execution and its success. There are many experienced game developers like Mylsaak, Ed Boon, Eric Homes from whose experience we can learn and avoid making the common game development mistakes. It is sometimes difficult to spot the mistakes easily and further on we make those mistakes without even realizing them.

Lack of cultural references

Many developers create a storyline or the plot which helps them to keep the gamers engaged. If the plot misses the point in directing the importance and essence of the storyline, they could lose the users at the very first engagement. Furthermore, it is also important for you to use references, slang, and cross-cultural differences or it will make you an outsider. You risk missing out on opportunities to interact with your audience, establish a dedicated following, and become a part of the community.

Ignoring Cultural references

The developing team also needs to consider the cultural references that are not sensitive with their promotional materials, content, title, and In-game events. If the content is not according to the user persona, it might create problems and there are chances of getting your game banned by the authorities. Consult with local experts to ensure you’re using the correct terminology. You can also do a pre-launch test with a localized focus group to confirm that the cultural allusions are accurate.

Going Big at the early stage

One of the simplest mistakes that developers make is that they want to learn and do everything and overwhelm themselves with a wide array of things, which is not productive. There are many programming languages, technologies, domains, platforms, online stores, and software. One should not get confused with all this. It is obvious to dream and urge to go paramount with the idea of making your first game. With all the epic games you came across with your journey till today and decided to design and create just like one of them. Once the design and development state is completed, it is possible that you won’t get the satisfactory result or the best product you might have thought of. All this occurs because of a lack of experience, which is crucial in the game development industry. It can be said that you start directly with running in the marathon before you start with short sprints. When you’re a starter, the trick is to start with simpler games. Take your large idea and limit it down in scope, preserving only the most essential elements. Once the game is a sensation, you can scale it up. In these final phases, you can include all of the functionality you missed at the outset.

Lack of business model

No matter what product or service you are creating who is targeting a large customer persona it is one of the most important things to have a business model. One has to understand only marketing strategies or advertising campaigns will not work if you lack a solid business model. Today the game development industry is one of the top-notch industries. without proper infrastructure, your product may fail in the market. Regardless of how excellent the marketing is, without a robust support structure to sustain your game, it will be a damp squib or a non-starter. Don’t forget that users are becoming more tech-savvy every day.

Not Approaching Potential Clients

It is important to find the targeted clients when you are creating the game. It is one of the fundamental steps. No matter what you create, there will be someone who is not going to like your game in the world. Developers usually lack this idea, they try to create a game that will be globally appreciated, as a result, the game ends up a big disaster and no one gets attracted and hence they get no users. All the games have different users and a specific audience. Epic RPG games for instance generally target dedicated gamers. Hyper Casual games, on the other hand, are mainly aimed at folks who use gaming to pass the time when they are bored. Once the target audience is identified, it is now time to curate the game and start working on the game from the user’s perspective. The features the gamers will find the most exciting and fun and how to make them even better for them.

Platform Differences

From the very initial stage of the game development process, the difference in the platforms takes place. Every company has to update their game development team to be well entrenched in the process of designing and creating the game keeping in mind the wide array of possibilities and elements of various platforms. Furthermore, in today’s time, smartphone/ Android/iOS-based gaming is the topmost platform for the wider playing area to create, design, process, and market the techniques for the game. Aside from technical variations, you’ll need to account for variances in the various stores where your game or app will be available. This has a significant impact on the monetization of your game.

Launching incomplete game

This is very common with the rookie/first-time developers, with their overwhelming and over-excitement they are too eager to release the game too early even before it is completed. A proper go-through and quality test is required once the game is finished. Have a look at your creation whether it is up to the expectations and whether it makes you feel confident to release in the world of gamers. No matter how the game seems to be complete, there will still be complaints from the very first day about the bugs within the games which you have no idea that they even existed. By the time you realize and wonder what happened there is a possibility of losing a few of the users at the very same time. Game development is like an art, and every masterpiece needs time and patience. Few studios and individuals take years to finish their games. One of the main reasons you require this time is for testing. Testing is an important step in the development process since it allows you to detect and fix faults and errors in your game. You can ensure that your gamers have a seamless gaming experience with no complaints by following this approach. By following this procedure, you can ensure that your game will be completely ready for release.

Downloads should not be charged for.

Most game development companies make this error when it comes to Android apps and games. Users are less likely to buy a game download, according to market research, and will only do so for excellent reasons. Adopting the freemium model, where the fundamental game is free but there are charges throughout the game or app, is the best option. It’s also possible to charge a subscription fee.

When it comes to producing your first game, you must avoid the faults listed above. Committing them will ruin your game’s potential. If you’re a new developer, you can be taken aback by everything. You may even believe that you are incapable of completing the assignment. If so, you may simply design your first game without making any of these blunders by hiring a top game development firm, such as Maintec Gaming Studio. A mobile game development company with lots of potential, creativity, skilled- professionals under its belt will make your game just the way you want it.

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